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Learn Sports


What is Learn Sports?

Learn Sports is a free online video resource geared toward teachers and coaches of elementary school-aged children. It features Olympians in a series of short videos demonstrating the component parts of a variety of sports and skills.

Why Learn Sports?

We know from current research if a child doesn’t learn a particular sport or skill by age 12, doing so from that point forward becomes dramatically less likely. Elementary school is therefore a critical period in the promotion of physical literacy with implications for the rest of a child’s life. With this tool, a teacher or coach with little knowledge of a given sport or skill could simply play the video in the classroom, gym or on the field, to guide the participants right into the activity. 

Warming up:

Warming up:





Below are a number of suggestions from

Be Fit For Life's popular activity cards:

Move and Play through Physical Literacy This is a fun and creative way to support the development of the skills shown in the videos. For more information and how to order this resource:

Move & Play Resource:

Move & Play Through Physical Literacy:


According to the LTAD model: 

FUNdamentals is for ages 6 to 8 in girls and 6 to 9 in boys.

Learn to Train is for ages 8 to 11 in girls and 9 to 12 in boys.

Fundamentals: Catch This

Fundamentals: Ocean Motion

Fundamentals: Triangle Tag

Fundamentals: Balloon Bump


Shoot & Score

Fundamentals: Jump the Creek

Learn to Train:

Circle In - Circle Out

Learn to Train:

Up & In

Learn to Train:

Circle Throw & Circle Kick

Learn to Train:

Up & Away Hand Tennis

Learn to Train:

Soccer Tag

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