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Changing Youth Sport and Physical Literacy 

Dark Horse Athletic


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Dark Horse is a multi-sport program for kids aged 6 to 13. Through specific drills, games and challenges, kids develop running technique, balance, footwork, core strength, coordination and so much more. It's fun, it's challenging, 
it's always changing...
In simple terms, we put a priority on:




Far too many kids quit organized sport every year because it becomes less about fun and too much about wins and losses. In our view, if it's not fun, it defeats the purpose of why you want kids involved, so it's our first priority. 

Successful people know failure is a part of the learning process. It's not something to be ashamed of - it's how you get better. We intentionally set up our program in a way that encourages kids to challenge themselves - to learn and get better. We've had tremendous success with kids who believed they didn't like competition, or even sports.

We have some great coaches and we teach certain skills that kids aren't usually exposed to, such as low walks from speed skating and the correct running technique. Most importantly though, because physical literacy is the goal, we keep it fun, we keep it challenging and we keep changing it up!

What is Dark Horse?



Calgary SW 

Where: Webber Academy Elementary Gym

           1515 93 Street SW (south side)

When:  Tuesdays, 10 weeks

           January 16 - March 19

Time:    5:45 - 7:00 PM

Cost:    $288.75 (includes GST) 

To register: please download this form, fill 
out and return to

Please note: "athletic" not "athletics"

Victoria, BC

Where:  Juan de Fuca Rec Centre
            1767 Island Hwy, Victoria
When:   Mondays, 6 weeks 
            March 4 - April 29
Time:    5:30 / 6:45 PM
Cost:     $173.25 (includes GST)

Register at:

Dark Horse Athletic is proud to support:

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Duff Gibson
MKin, University of Calgary
World and Olympic Champion, skeleton
"Youth sport is about personal
growth and fun. Dark Horse
is about promoting both."
This is a photo of Duff Gibson
Grace Dafoe
Canadian Development Team, Skeleton
BHPE - Physical Literacy, Mount Royal University
“Exposure to multiple activities positively impacts a child’s physical literacy journey and also encourages them to choose sport and recreation as they progress through life.”
This is a photo of Grace Dafoe

Jennifer Foster

BPE, BEd University of Alberta

Pandas Field Hockey Player

Physical Education Teacher

“Life is fed by movement. I am passionate about providing a variety of movement opportunities for kids that are fun and give them the confidence to be lifelong movers!"

This is a photo of Jenn Foster
Ethan Geelen

BHPE - Physical Literacy,

Mount Royal University

Multisport background with a focus in basketball.

"If kids have a reason not to be active,

 it should never be that it's not fun."

This is a photo of Ethan Geelen
Niki Oudenaarden 
Team Canada, Heptathlon 
"We can learn a lot from kids; their ability to laugh, smile, and play without inhibition. I want to continue to teach kids how to find the FUN in fundamentals as they try new sports, learn about their abilities and realize nothing is impossible. " 
This is a photo of Nicole Oudenaarden
Hayleigh Bell
Team Alberta, Speed Skating
"I love giving kids the opportunity to be creative and teaching them to enjoy sport for its own sake, for the rest of their lives."
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"Our son has been in Dark Horse for awhile now and we have been so impressed from day one. When he started, he was unsure if he would belong in this program. He loves sports but is often overlooked or has not been given the opportunity to get better. From the first day at Dark Horse, he felt at home and his confidence has grown. This program is not just about athletic ability. This program teaches the kids all the best life lessons: work hard, challenge yourself, be kind to others and have fun while doing it. The fact that they develop better physical literacy at the same time is an added bonus. Every session includes a motivational lesson as well. I could not have asked for anything more. We are so grateful to Duff and the whole Dark Horse team." 

                                           - Kathleen H.  

"It is our first time with Dark Horse and I wanted to say how impressed I was by your program. I have 2 boys registered and they are 18 months apart and complete opposites. My younger son, who feels he is not good at sports because he is always comparing himself to his older, athletic brother, was picked to lead the warm up. At the end he was recognized by one of the coaches and he turned to look back at me to see if I had heard. I had. I was so happy for him. Thank you so much for fostering the love of exercise in children."     - Karyn S.  

"Our kids say Dark Horse is a “fun multi-sport program.” As parents we think it’s much more than that. We have noticed our kids developing both as athletes and individuals. Dark Horse doesn’t teach kids to “win”, it teaches them to try new sports, compete with character, embrace a challenge, and to do their personal best every time. The Olympic-level coaches teach kids the fundamentals of sport and serve as role models who help the kids develop as young leaders. As athletes, we have noticed improvement in our son and daughter’s speed, acceleration and sportsmanship on the ball diamond and on the ice. Dark Horse provides the athletic foundation for kids to excel in sport and in life."
                                                    - Greg and Lynn G.  

“Two fundamental misses that I see with youth sport these days are that players specialize way too young and coaches forget that if it’s not fun, then ultimately players just won’t stick with it.  I’ve known Duff Gibson for a number of years now and he is a great communicator of values and principles that allow athletes to both succeed on the playing surface while having fun and most importantly, growing as individuals.”              

                              - Jim Peplinski,  Former Captain Calgary Flames

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